Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Slow November

Hello! It's been too long. I had every intention of stopping in as much as possible in November, but I had a little accident and now these are my new best friends...
Yes, crutches. Boo. You will not believe what happened. I tore my ACL yet again the night of my Halloween Party. I blame the fabulous witch boots I was wearing. I fell and I fell HARD. Can you believe that? Oh my, this is not very fun at all. Crafting and being artsy is so very hard when you need both hands to help you walk. So, we are having a very slow November. We are pausing to take an in breath and be quiet (as quiet as a house with four kidlets can be). We are finding small moments to create, though...

The whole family sat around the dinner table last night and did some very important creating. It felt so good to doodle, watercolor, draw and watch the children's hands busy with clay. I acquired so many new bits and pieces of artwork, bookmarks and cards.

I adore the candle in the middle-so peaceful. I love all of them, of course! I had fun, too!

I really love this colorful piece by my 5 year old. He always makes these amazing little paintings. He is a very colorful little soul.

We are also reading so many great books for this time of year. Have you read this book? It is one of our favorites! I love a good children's book that also has a recipe! Yum!

I do love November. I feel like I am missing out a little bit, but reading seasonal books to the children helps me capture the spirit of this season.

I am keeping myself busy with my laptop and many, many books. I am making notes and getting inspired for when I do feel better. Soon, I hope. I have so many big plans!

Here is another great children's book with a recipe. The Apple Cake is lovely. Wynstones' Autumn book is filled with poems, songs and stories.

 Well friends, I need to get back to resting my knee and making big plans for the season of giving.

Beeswax leaves

I do hope your November is lovely so far. I will be back very soon.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Halloween Tea Party

Frosted Petunias Tea Party Under A Halloween Moon
Stop by Frosted Petunias for Halloween Tea Party delights!

Hello lovely witches! Please come in and sit right down for a spot of tea! Today is the Halloween Tea Party and I have set up a lovely little table for you to join me.

Now sit right here...

Can I offer you a cuppa spiced apple tea to delight the taste buds?

A touch of magic...

Broom parking...
A little extra something special this evening. A Moonlight Mixer...gives a warm and slightly woozy feeling. A wee cup is all you need to do the trick...
Sip some...I dare you...

Take a sugary delight made by my goblins. I also made caramel apples, but my wee goblins ate them ALL! How sneaky! Stop by tomorrow and I shall make you something far better!
 Kick up your feet and stay awhile. Sip your tea while we chat. Are you feeling the joyful and fuzzy dizzy feeling of my Moonlight Mixer?
I mixed up some loose incense for this special and spooky Halloween High Tea. Patchouli leaves, White Sage, Mullein leaves and red sandalwood offer the perfect aroma and blessing for Hallow's Eve.
A dab of essential oil right on the candle wax to add to the scents of the season...
 Thank you for coming to my Tea Party. I've been blessed to have you.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Halloween Countdown

Hello! We've been working on a few Halloween crafts here and I wanted to share. First up, some Pumpkin Ice Cream soap we made! I got the idea from Poppy Paperie and I thought it would be fun to make some Halloween ice cream soap! I got the mold and most of the supplies from Bramble Berry. I've made soap before, but this was the first time using a mold like this so it was a fun experiment!

I decided to try to use some Drink Sparkles from Wilton that I picked up from Michael's. I mixed up the melted Shea Melt-and-Pour white base form Bramble Berry and some gel food coloring. I'd like to try the Bramble Berry micas and colorings, but I only ordered a few things for my first try. I poured one layer at a time, waited and then added another layer using a mist of alcohol between layers.

I'd say they turned out pretty cute for a first try! Next time I will for sure use the colors form Bramble Berry. It's hard to see, but there is a slight sheen of sparkle from the Drink Sparkles.

All packaged up!!! I used terrifically tacky tape to adhere the soap to a cardstock base and slid it in an acrylic box. Tied it up with ribbon and a tag stamped from Taylored Expressions' Spooky Tree (I don't see it on the site right now) and Papertrey's Just for You set.

A quick and SIMPLE card using the Halloween Noteblock from Purple Onion Designs and the Spooky Tree from Taylored Expressions. Added a little bling, too! I love how simple this card is and it's going right out to one of my crafty friends!

Next I want to show you a sneak peek at a little craft project my husband is working on! I came home one night and found him using my Cricut to make stencils for a homemade graveyard! Here's a quick peek. I'll try to get better, spookier pics when he sets up the lights!!!

Thanks for stopping in! 

Friday, October 15, 2010

Halloween Party

Join in on the Halloween Party Fun at A Fanciful Twist

Today is a big day in the magical world of the Witch Crafter. I am here to share with you tidbits of Halloween celebration and eerie delights. Follow me on a quick jaunt to my cozy witch's cottage and you shall witness for yourself the happenings on Halloween Lane. First, we must embark on a deeply sacred and magical path toward the tiny cottage my magical family inhabits.

Now please, ghoul friends, stop to enjoy your surroundings. Breathe deep from the well of magical healing and transport yourself to a more quiet, sacred time. Make the effort to consider your journey. Embrace the silence and the solitude. This is the time of year to go inside your own soul and ponder your thoughts.

What beauty awaits you here...

Ah, you have finally arrived to visit my wee cottage. Sit for a spell...

May I offer you all of the sugared delights small goblins can create? You see, the Witch Crafter has four small goblins living in my witchy palace. They are 6, 5, 4 and 3 years, respectively. This keeps the Witch Crafter very, very busy. I must stir up several potions a day to keep my goblins from running amok and tearing down the cottage. They are very, very wild. I must keep them well-fed and rested at all times and they absolutely insist on creating and making art of all kinds. This is a must in our cottage. They created these delicious cupcakes for you. They must like you very much because they have piled the sugar on these treats!

It is also very important for the Mama Witch to display the goblins' creations. After all, they are made with love, sticky fingers and the magic of childhood...

These sugar skulls were made by the 5 and 6 year old goblins. The Witch Crafter is very proud of such handiwork!

I must point out the haunting graveyard to the right of the cottage porch now. It was here many years before my family moved here.
I am not aware of its origin, but there have been whispers in the night of unrequited love...and revenge. Oh my. Such spooky things! Let us scurry off before we scare ourselves!
Before you leave, dear friends, I must invite you into my parlor. There is a spell I have been working on for a fortnight and I must insist you indulge me. Come now...Sit...

Patented Syrup of Venom will do just the trick. A dash of Witch's brew...

Light a candle or twelve...
Gather my incenses, magical powders and tinctures...
Oh my! Can you see the magic in the air? Tiny droplets!!!
All is done and if I did it right, The Pumpkin Kings and I...

have shared the Halloween Magic with you, too!!!! May you have a fabulous Halloween!!!

Full of Magic...

Stop in again soon. I will be waiting for you!