Saturday, October 23, 2010

Halloween Tea Party

Frosted Petunias Tea Party Under A Halloween Moon
Stop by Frosted Petunias for Halloween Tea Party delights!

Hello lovely witches! Please come in and sit right down for a spot of tea! Today is the Halloween Tea Party and I have set up a lovely little table for you to join me.

Now sit right here...

Can I offer you a cuppa spiced apple tea to delight the taste buds?

A touch of magic...

Broom parking...
A little extra something special this evening. A Moonlight a warm and slightly woozy feeling. A wee cup is all you need to do the trick...
Sip some...I dare you...

Take a sugary delight made by my goblins. I also made caramel apples, but my wee goblins ate them ALL! How sneaky! Stop by tomorrow and I shall make you something far better!
 Kick up your feet and stay awhile. Sip your tea while we chat. Are you feeling the joyful and fuzzy dizzy feeling of my Moonlight Mixer?
I mixed up some loose incense for this special and spooky Halloween High Tea. Patchouli leaves, White Sage, Mullein leaves and red sandalwood offer the perfect aroma and blessing for Hallow's Eve.
A dab of essential oil right on the candle wax to add to the scents of the season...
 Thank you for coming to my Tea Party. I've been blessed to have you.


  1. Awesome, as always! I totally want some spiced apple tea now!

  2. I LOVE IT! Sooo spooky and cool!

  3. Wow! Love it. Spooky and inviting. Love the hat and the green striped stockings!

  4. Your table looks amazing... I want to come over. :)

  5. Oh My Goddess! That table is amazing!!! I totally love it! Thank you for visiting my tea party! I love what you have done with yours!!!

    Blessed Be
    Kelli, aka cajunstampinqueen

  6. Greeting!
    Your table is Wonderful! Thank You for Sharing!
    Please Do stop By!

  7. What a fun table. I would love anything decaff, unless it's early in the day. Sounds good to have a cuppa tea. Love your stockings!

  8. What a fantastic tea party! Love all your table decor, especially those skull plates! Thank you for sharing!

  9. You set a beautiful table! Thanks so much for inviting me to tea! Happy Halloween!

  10. I had an amazing time at your tea party. All the othe guests were very friendly and showed me around. Your decorations were fabulous and love the matching dinnerware. I would love to have all those tea cups. Thanks so much for all the sweet treats. I will stop back soon and take a peak at your other posts.

  11. It smells beautiful, it looks beautiful and that mooonlight mixer, wow, what a punch, I'm seeing stars ;) Thank you for the lovely party and please come by and have a spot of tea at my house.

  12. Beautiful table, loved the look of everything!

  13. What a wonderful table! And that Halloween High Tea sounds great. Thank you for inviting us.

    If you haven't already done so, please feel free to stop by my little owl tea party:

    Enjoy the parties!

  14. Wow! What a fantastic tea service! Amazing table spread! I loved that entire post! Enchanting!

    Feel free to browse my tea party at

    Happy Halloween!

  15. Thank you so much for inviting me to your wonderfully delightful tea party. I absolutely love the skull plates. Your table setting was just amazing and those wonderful cupcakes. My wee ones would have eaten them all as well.
    Please stop by for a spell, we would love to have you,

    Spells and wishes,
    Wendy from Wonderland

  16. That was a wonderful tea party! LOVE your dishes and cups!

    Thank you:)


    come visit:

  17. I can smell that wonderful incense and it's simply divine! Oh your table is GORGEOUS! I love your plates and your beautiful cups. The sweets are marvelous and I may have to take a cupcake or two for the road...those little caramel apple goblins are sneaky aren't they? ;)

    Thank you for sharing your tea party and for joining me on this moonlit night!


  18. This is a fabulous party! Loved all the food - hungry now! Really beautiful! - please do come on over to our Tea Party Halloween Tea Party at!

  19. that was such a gorgeous table setting!
    thank you !

  20. Oh your table is so beautifuly set, so happy to have come to your party.

  21. Enchanting Full Moon Tea Party. Love your beautiful blog & all your PICs. October 23 is my third Blogoversary, so October is a spooktacular Celebration month.

    Please fly by for my giveaways too...
    Hauntingly Yours, Lyndy

    My Haunted Halloween Party Link:

  22. Thanks for the party, mostly the moonlight mixture, nice!!!
    Great table decorations.
    Thanks for sharing.

  23. ...such a spooky setting.... thank you for sharing your table with us!

  24. Bravo! What a gorgeous post and home you have! Sorry I'm late, hoping you'll drop by, I've kept the kettle hot! Happy Halloween & Pumpkin Blessings!

  25. Oh what an absolutely divine tea party!! You have certainly outdone yourself, my dear sister witch.
    Blessed Be! Seshat

  26. Might that be the Green Fairy, not the Moonlight Mixture like you say??
    Your table scape is simply stunning in it's warmth and colours and embodies the spirit of Halloween Night! Thanks for the invite.

    I'm Having a draw for a seashell soldered bottle on Halloween Night Sunday October 31st/2010, so do try and drop in for a spell and a chance at winning my bottle.
    The Wood Beyond The World



  27. It looks amazing!! I'm sorry I missed it, lol.

  28. I am in love with this Halloween Tea Party. Gratitude for sharing these pictures here. We will also host Halloween themed family bash in next week. I am planning to reserve one of most suitable vintage New York Event Venues for that. I am sure it will be a fun Halloween in July.