Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mornings are Lovely

I orchestrate my mornings to the tune of coffee.  ~Harry Mahtar

Good morning friends! My morning has begun with my daily latte and I am pretty sure it was indeed magical because it jumped right out of my cup and down my shirt! That cannot stop me, though, for I have plans! I am pondering exactly what kind of morning I feel like having today. I think I'll need some more coffee, of course, some music, lit candles and time in my craft studio.

I think I shall also carve out a bit of time to bake with my little witch because we love to bake together AND we have matching aprons to wear today.

Eeek! Cute, no!? I just love, love, love this time of year. It makes me downright giddy!!!

Maybe I will craft some goodie bags for my dear witchypoo friends? Just maybe. They do need some BROOMSTICK FUEL! Bwahahahaa!

Witch card: Northwoods rubber stamp, cracks punch by Martha Stewart
Brown lunch bag: Martha Stewart rubber stamps
Broomstick Fuel: Target

Monday, September 27, 2010

Magical Monday

Magical Monday

Happy Magical Monday! The beginning of the week is a great time for crafting something magical and special! It gets the ball rolling on a great week if you take time to do what you love or make something beautiful. I spent my Monday morning tidying up my little cottage, but tonight I have plans to retreat to my craft room and take time to CREATE a little something artsy.  What have you done to make your Monday a Magical one?

Tonight I plan on playing with the little binding machine I dug out of its corner recently. Little seasonal notebooks are such fun to create. I've been a list maker since I could write and I so enjoy making little lists of all the fun things to do this time of year. Want to see my list of things to do/create/read/make happen?
 Halloween Noteblock stamp-Purple Onion Designs
Star Background stamp-Unity
Witch Crafter's List of Autumn and Halloween Goodness

Hope you enjoy your very own Magical Monday.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Waltzingmouse Magic

I am super excited to be participating in my first ever WMS Blog Waltz. This project was particularly magical because, obviously, The Witch Crafter loves Halloween. The WMS Halloween images are to die for! I have so many more ideas for the three fabulous Halloween sets, but I knew immediately that I wanted to create potion bottles of sorts. Vampire Blood, Witch's Brew and Venom Syrup...*cackle cackle* Yes Yes! Oh my!!! Let's play dearies!

If there is anything a witchy poo needs most it's a deliciously Spooky Kitchen. I cleaned the cobwebs off of my kitchen shelves, swept the faerie dust from my counter tops and created a fresh canvas for my spooky plans. 
The WMS Halloween images were stamped with Versafine and adorned with my bloody finger and a few Copics. Of course, I snagged the wonderful idea of a bloody fingerprint from the WMS site itself. Those samples are fabulous. I spritzed a few of the labels with Smooch Spritz gold. I really wanted Venom Syrup so I used the Rescue Remedies set and the Double Strength Venom sentiment to create the label I wanted! Nesties made die cutting two of the labels so easy. These potion bottles really fit the bill! You can get your own little bottles at Hobby Lobby.

Won't my kitchen look so cute with my very own Witch's Brew?
The kitchen might be my favorite spot to decorate. Oodles of candles, spooky brews bubbling, fancy faerie lights and tantalizing treats.  

Thanks so much for visiting a corner of my Spooky Kitchen! Come back soon!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Cricut Magic

 There is magic happening in my little studio. Magic of the crafty kind.
Hello friends! Today I find myself enjoying a cool, rainy day inside my beloved craft studio (pictures to come soon). Never mind the glittered glue globs and itty bitty paper bits...mess from my little monsters, of course. I am happily crafting away. My new love is my Cricut Expression. What fun! I love how simply it adds the cutest twist to my little projects. Today I have been playing with my Pumpkin Carving cartridge and my new Martha Stewart clear Halloween stamps. Eek! FUN!
I crafted these adorable little toppers for my husband's birthday cake recently. The little ones baked and decorated a chocolate cake for Daddy and I provided the toppers inspired, of course, by our own little monsters. ;) (I love that Mini Monsters cartridge!) I know he had a great day and loved the little touches to his birthday dinner.

My husband and I often discuss our policy on creating meaningful time with our family. K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple, Stupid) hee ;) I used to spend so much time worrying over this and that aspect of an upcoming event whether it be an ordinary dinner or a big birthday celebration. There is no need to make life even more complicated, right? There really couldn't have been a more simple cake or dinner (Chicken sandwiches anyone?), but we served it up with so much love that my husband said it was his best birthday ever!

Now off to plot more Magical Halloween crafting adventures!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Hello and welcome to my new blog! Let me introduce myself.  I'm a wife and a mommy to four amazing little people, homeschooler, crafter, reader, baker and many other things I don't have the time for. I can't wait to show some of the fun crafty things I have been working on and participate in the online crafting community more.

I absolutely adore everything Halloween and crafting with my little monsters. I'm not really a mean witch unless you catch me before my morning coffee. I also love gardening, yoga, natural health, making candles, Wicked, my Nook, bonfires, red wine, Autumn, Harry Potter, my new Cricut Expression and much more!

Please stop by often! I'm so excited to show you all of the projects I'm cookin' up in my cauldron. ;)